08 Oct 2015

Pol Matamoros and Sergi Casanova have been invited to speak at the upcoming Industrial design seminar organized by EBV.

The importance of electronic information and the explosion of internet of things have highlighted the need to increase the security of industrial electronic systems in order to protect them from unauthorized access and tampering.

In this seminar we are going to speak about the risks of an inadequate level of safety, explain some of the most common attacks with real examples and study solutions to improve security by means of specialised hardware devices.

Event will take place in Hotel Quo Fierro, Madrid 2015/10/27 and in Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia 2015/10/28.

You can check www.ebv.com to know more about schedule
and get a free access pass.

See you there!

22 Dec 2014

Last 31 October Sergi Casanova and Pol Matamoros successfully participated at the No cON Name (NcN) 2014 congress. As we announced in September, the conference was focused on “Java Card Security” introducing general concepts regarding the threats of any embedded system based on Java Card technology, specific software attacks and generic side-channel and fault injection attacks.

The NcN was also the place to officially present Bitwise to all the attendant security experts community.
We want to thank all the organization and specially the audience for the support.

Cosmocaixa NCN 2k14 - Bitwise conference

Download the presentation PDF from here.

In the following weeks we will share an extended version of the presentation divided in a serial of chapters.

Stay tuned!

01 Sep 2014
Java Card security talk with Sergi Casanova and Pol Matamoros.
31 October – 1 Novembre at CosmoCaixa Barcelona

Sergi Casanova and Pol Matamoros have been accepted to speak at the upconming No cON Name (NcN) conference in Barcelona.

NcN  is the longest standing security and hacking congress in Spain. This  annual event gathers future promises as well as experts and professionals related to the computer science, network, programming or software protection Engineering sector.

The  conference session “Java Card security” will introduce the threats related to any embedded system based on Java Card technology to the general audience. The presentation will cover Java Card specific software attacks, generic side-channel attacks and fault injection. The theoretical part will be supported by practical attacks on bad implementations.

Date: Friday, 31 October 2014
Time: 16.15 – 17:00h

For more information please visit the No cON Name website (https://www.noconname.org/)

01 Jun 2014

Dear embedded systems professionals,

We are pleased to announce the start of the business activity of the new company Bitwise S.L., located in Barcelona.

Bitwise is a fresh and flat company focused on embedded security. Our team comprises of developers and security analysts who have expertise working with international key players and different angles of the smart card industry. This includes EMV and Common Criteria (CC) accredited laboratories and smart card producers.

Bitwise is proud of its strong background on hardware and software security fields, especially applied on banking and CC evaluations and widely used smart card technologies as Java Card.
We are willing to be part of the challenging embedded devices sector. Building a tight relationship with our costumers to help them to meet their own production expectations is our highest priority. For  this purpose we are focused on being at the helm of the latest attack  techniques. In this direction, we offer the next services:

  • Common Criteria: we can help Common Criteria labs to face the workload peaks as external evaluators. We can also provide a working framework to help developers to intermediate between labs and generate a CC compliant documentation in order to speed-up the  evaluation process.
  • EMV evaluations: our engineers have a wide experience leading technical VISA,  MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, EMV (including platforms) evaluations.  Bitwise can provide services to accredited laboratories to conduct the  source code review, filling the assets table and the vulnerability  analysis, as well as performing side-channel attacks.
  • Development: Bitwise can add value to embedded device developers since we have a global vision and knowledge of the lifecycle of embedded devices. We can help you at any phase of the process.
  • Training: we offer a wide range of training options for any company interested in acquiring knowledge in embedded security, Common Criteria or technologies like Javacard.

We encourage you to review our new website, where you will find more extensive information of our company and you will meet our team. You will feel the commitment, the passion, and dedication of every “Bitwiser” in this new venture.

Feel free to contact us if you want to obtain more information.

Bitwise team

Website: http://www.bitwise.cat
E-mail: info@bitwise.cat
Phone: (+34) 668 81 5790